Saturday, May 7, 2016

Formative: "Getting a Pulse on Your Students Learning"

In many classrooms formative assessments have become an integral part of the learning process. Formative assessments help teachers “get a pulse” on their students’ learning and in return they can transform student materials to maximize achievement for the learner.  However formative assessments can be difficult to create, administer, and grade in a timely fashion without the assessments initial purpose getting lost.  This is where the true power of digital tools such as Formative can help streamline the workload for teachers.

Formative is an accessible website that allows teachers to embed preexisting, create original, or borrow materials from other educators.  Not only is this a user-friendly platform that can transform your everyday worksheet or multiple choice test into something more meaningful, but it allows teachers to see their students working live, provide instant feedback, and give real-time intervention all in one place at one time. Formative is one of many digital formative assessment tools that can empower both teachers and students in and out of the classroom.

Give Formative a try and see how it can transform your classroom. You can watch this video that will take you less than two minutes or dive on in to goformative.  

Accessing, Creating Accounts, & Enrolling Students to Formative

Creating & Assigning Assessments in Formative

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