Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Save to Google: Two Extensions to Save Web Content

As you comb the web, more than likely you have come across images, articles, or websites that you would like to save either to reference later or use in conjunction with a slideshow, document, or spreadsheet. Google has two free excellent Chrome extensions that allow you to accomplish this: Save to Google and Save to Google Drive. While their feature sets are largely similar, each extension has its own niche use. 

Save to Google makes it a breeze to save and tag articles and websites, while Save to Google Drive enables you to download any image you find online to a specific folder in your Drive.
If you want to skip the descriptions and directions below, simply watch the following video which covers both extensions in less than five minutes:

Save to Google

Save to Google is a new extension recently released by Google which will allow you to save websites and articles you come across online to your Google account. Articles can be organized around tags you assign them. Each saved article or website includes an image and short description along with the link to the original site.

On any website or page, click the Save to Google extension to bring up the tagging menu:

Click the + Add a tag button to add tags to your saved article. If you would like to view all saved articles, click view saves. Alternatively, point your browser to to go to the Save to Google website directly.

On the Save to Google website sort your saved articles and websites using the tag button on the left-hand side:

Tags and articles can be deleted at anytime should you decide you no longer need them.

Save to Google Drive

While Save to Google is superb for saving websites and articles, Save to Google Drive is the best choice for quickly and efficiently saving images found online. Saved images can be used when working with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, or other web applications that integrate with Drive. Once you locate an image you wish to save, either click the Save to Google Drive extension or right click the image and section "Save Image to Google Drive":

The image will instantly be saved to Google Drive. If you would like to choose a specific folder to save your images to, right click the Save to Google Drive extension and select "Options". Here you can specify which folder you would like to use:

Images saved from the web will be available when working with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawings:

Select "My Drive", pick the folder with your saved images, and then pick the image you would like to use. 

Rather than saving images to your desktop, you can now have them ready anywhere at anytime in the cloud for use with Google's products or Microsoft Office.

Download each extension using the following links:

Save to Google Drive:

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